Moral Luck

Date: Tuesday, 28 July 2020 19:30

Venue: Zoom


We're delighted to have the philosopher Aaron Rabinowitz joining us over Zoom from the US to discuss Moral Luck. Here's what he'll be talking about:

"When deciding who to hold morally responsible, one key criteria is whether the person had control. ‘Moral luck’ refers to situations where someone is held morally responsible for actions that were beyond their control, and such situations feel intuitively unjust. In this talk, I unpack Thomas Nagel’s argument that, ultimately, nothing is under our control, and so all cases of assigning moral responsibility are cases of moral luck. When we take stock of our selves, it becomes clear that we are made of luck, all the way down. I believe that internalizing this realization is essential to developing a just society and contributes to a life of flourishing."

Aaron currently serves as the Philosopher in Residence for the Rutgers Honors College, and teaches through the Rutgers philosophy department. In recent years, Prof. Rabinowitz has taught on various topics in ethics, metaethics, and personhood. His research interests include developing a robust secular moral realism that allows for a satisfying sense of moral responsibility and a life of flourishing. Prof. Rabinowitz also cohosts two philosophy podcasts: Philosophers in Space and Embrace the Void. Both shows attempt to make philosophy accessible for everyone, through the lenses of science fiction and existential horror. Prof. Rabinowitz holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Drama from the University of Virginia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from Colorado State University.

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