Andrew Copson - 400 years on from the Mayflower: secularism in today's world

Date: Tuesday, 25 February 2020 19:30

Venue: The B-Bar, Barbican Theatre

Andrew Copson, chief executive of Humanists UK and President of Humanists International will speak about freedom of religion or belief and persecution around the world today. Drawing on the themes of his recent book 'Secularism: a very short introduction' (Oxford University Press, 2019), he will talk about the history of state and religion and about how the world is becoming a worse place for freedom of conscience.

Some reviews of the book:

'Today's world is in dire need of the noble tradition of secularism, and I know nobody better qualified than Andrew Copson to expound it.' — Richard Dawkins

'This is an exceptionally careful, fair-minded and positive introduction to the many meanings of a word often carelessly used. It will be an enormous help to all who want to understand better the current controversies about religious belief and modern society.' — Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

'Secularism is of growing importance all over the world, yet it is also an approach with deep roots reaching far back into our history. Andrew Copson elegantly explores this history as well as secularism's importance today, showing how it evolved and how it is the key to de-escalating so many of the modern world's points of conflict.' — Dan Snow

'Andrew Copson is one of the most thoughtful people in the world on secularism. We have never needed a sane, intelligent, persuasive guide to secularism more than now - so I'd say thank God for this excellent book, if that wasn't too obviously ironic.' — Johann Hari

'A timely tour de force and indispensable analysis for anyone seeking to get to grips with the roots, philosophy, and current controversies surrounding secularism which are challenging our vexed world.' — Professor Francesca Klug, author of Magna Carta For All Humanity: Homing in on Human Rights.

This event is free and all are welcome, although we do ask for a voluntary contribution to help cover speakers' costs.


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