In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

October's talk - Aliyah Saleem and Faith to Faithless


Aliyah Saleem was a skeptical child, once being told one by her Imam to stop asking questions and reading books. Despite being sent to Islamic schools and going through a period of being a devout muslim (when she prayed not the five times a day required, but six) she gradually lost her faith. It was Carl Sagan's famous ‘Pale blue dot’ image and words that finally snuffed out her belief in god.

Human Rights in a Time of Uncertainty

Our first meeting after our summer break was a timely talk about the current threats to human rights legislation from Chris Ramsey of Amnesty International, attracting around thirty people to the B-Bar to hear him. 

Summer Activities

I’ve been a little tardy with blog posts recently, but rest assured we’re as active as ever. 

Conservation Walk July '16

Ben, Tim and Joe were at Warleigh Point for July’s conservation walk.

Book Club - July '16

Ray Bradbury’s class sci-fi work ‘Fahrenheit 451’ was the subject of July’s book club.