Iain Stewart asks: “Can God Save the Planet”

January 2013 saw our biggest event ever, with Professor Iain Stewart asking “Can God Save the Planet”

Iain Stewart is Professor of Geosciences Communication at Plymouth University, and well known from his many TV appearances.  It was interesting to see just how effective a speaker he was, away from the retakes and editing that TV programmes offer.  We weren’t disappointed.  Speaking without notes and just a few slides, he gave a thoughtful and fascinating account of how religious and spiritual belief can both help and hinder communities facing potential natural disasters.  After almost an hour the lecture came to an end, and there was then a lively debate on the issues raised.

The talk was very well attended – we had use of the Jill Craigie Theatre at the University, and over one hundred people turned up.   So not only was it a thoroughly enjoyable evening, but also great publicity for the group.