Finding Relly - my Family the Holocaust and me

Rosemary Schonfeld talked to us in February about her book “Finding Relly - my Family, the Holocaust and me”.

When she was growing up in Canada she was unaware that her father was Jewish and that most of his family had been murdered in the Holocaust. After his death, she traced his former sister in-law who survived Auschwitz, her Aunt Relly, and her book is an account of her journey, giving a contemporary narrative about the Holocaust.

As well as talking about her family’s history, Rosemary told us how she is using the book as an educational tool in raising awareness about the Holocaust, and also its contemporary relevance, highlighting some disturbing parallels to the propaganda techniques the Nazis used to demonise the Jews in contemporary media debates over immigration and other issues.

Rosemary asked that donations following the talk are given to Generation2Generation, a charity that helps the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors tell their family stories 

The video of the talk is on our YouTube Channel