The fascinating world of fish and why we should care about them

Our first online talk was from The Humane League UK, who spoke to us in May on the subject of fish sentience and welfare. 

It was a fascinating talk – who knew fish were capable of so much?  They can be trained to perform all sorts of tricks, showing that they are much more intelligent than most people think. They also have quite sophisticated behaviours and are very sensitive to their environment. But this is not just something to wonder at – it has implications for how we treat the fish we eat. Only limited consideration is given to the way fish are caught or farmed, and this clearly has worrying implications for the suffering caused to vast numbers of them – trillions are killed to provide us with food. The Humane League UK does what it can to raise awareness of this issue, although with only limited resources their focus is often in areas where there is more chance of some immediate success. Many thanks to Pru Elliot, THLUK’s Head of Campaigns for a great talk and answering the many questions that came up in the Q&A.

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