Ariane Sherine - Talk Yourself Better

Ariane Sherine is probably best known to Humanists as the creator of the Atheist Bus Campaign of 2009.  But she has many other talents, working as both a writer and comedian. Her latest book, “Talk Yourself Better: A Confused Person's Guide to Therapy, Counselling and Self-Help”, is based on her experience of mental health issues and counselling, and we were delighted to have her visit us in Plymouth and tell us the story behind the book.


It would be fair to say she has not had the easiest of lives, with not just mental health problems but a difficult family environment in her childhood and abusive relationships while she was growing up. The consequences of the Atheist Bus Campaign itself were problematic, with the online abuse she received contributing to a major nervous breakdown. With both counselling and medication she has been able to get her life back onto an even keel, and her experiences have formed the basis of her book. In her talk she shared her journey with us, discussing what had worked for her and what had been less helpful. It was a very personal talk and we’re grateful for her openness. That she has achieved so much, despite all the obstacles, is a tribute to her ability to overcome adversity and her skills as a writer and author.




Ariane with Jessica, Plymouth Humanists' Chair