Plymouth Skeptics in the Pub: The Hidden Dangers of Anthroposophy

Steiner Schools and Biodynamic farming seem increasing popular.  But how many are aware of the problematic ideas that underly them?

Our March talk was a Plymouth Skeptics in the Pub event, with Nick Nakorn taking us through the ‘Hidden Dangers of Anthroposophy’ – Ruldolf Steiner’s philosophy upon which Steiner Schools and Biodynamic farming are based.  Steiner had some disturbingly racist views that made their way into Anthroposophy. Yet much of this is brushed under the carpet nowadays. However, concerns remain that those ideas could still be leaking into schools in particular. With Steiner’s legacy now being big business, is there a really any willingness to face up to those hidden dangers of Anthroposophy?

For those wanting further information, here is the URL to Nick’s blog in which there are many, many links to Anthroposophy criticism

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