What have the Anarchists ever done for us?

Many of us have a limited or stereotypical view of what Anarchism stands for, but Kevin Eady came to speak to us in April to set the record straight.

Anarchists in fact have a long history of campaigning for may of the things Humanists also support – democracy, women’s rights and so on.  They have also been active in supporting workers rights, fighting for the 8 hour day for instance, and opposing war (but fighting against fascism when war in Europe did break out.)  By the end of the talk Kevin had produced a long list of things we should all be grateful to the anarchists for.   

We had another good turn out (around 30 people) including a fair number of new faces, which is always pleasing to see.

Here’s a list of useful web sites Kevin provided after the talk:  

Freedom News. The original newspaper founded by Kropotkin (among others) back in the 19th century. Now only an online presence: https://freedomnews.org.uk  and their bookshop: https://freedompress.org.uk

Solidarity Federation. The latest attempt at starting up an anarcho-syndicalist movement in the UK. Successor to the Direct Action movement, and before that the Syndicalist Workers Federation: www.solfed.org.uk

And the still struggling Industrial Workers of the World (UK arm): https://iww.org.uk

Also the Anarchist Federation of Britain: www.afed.org.uk

And a recent break-away from the Federation, the Anarchist-Communist Group: www.anarchistcommunism.org

Last but not least is the Kate Sharpley Library. The online website is pretty old fashioned but it contains lots of interesting stuff: www.katesharpleylibrary.net