Political Activism and the Women's Equality Party

At a time when progress towards a more tolerant and open world seems to have gone into reverse, Bea Gare of the women's equality party in Exeter came to talk to us the importance of continuing to fight for justice and equality.


Bea’s career as a diplomat and scientist has given her an insider's view into how politics works. But it left her disillusioned with our political system. It wasn't until she saw the manifesto of the Women's Equality Party that she found a political organisation that she was happy to join. Now she fights against the many gender related inequalities that still exist in this country.

Despite equalities legislation, women are still disadvantaged in may ways.  Equal pay, for instance and representation in parliament. Despite the UK signing the Istanbul Convention on violence against women, the government was then very reluctant to ratify it in this country. It is also astonishing that medical trials and diagnostic tests are based on men, failing to reflect the physiological differences between men and women


However difficult it may seems, Bea stressed that it’s important that our elected representatives hear our voice - we need to make as much noise as we can.

There followed a particularly lively and passionate Q&A which show just how much many of us care deeply about continuing to fight for a better world. That was also reflected in the number of people who came along to hear Bea - we again filled the B-Bar with around 40 people