Looking forward to 2017

2016 ended with an enjoyable social evening in the Fortescue’s cellar bar. A tasty buffet was provided, largely by Martin and Uschi’s efforts.  It was great to be able spend some time chatting to local Humanists.

2017’s first meeting was a book club to discuss Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go. It’s a poignant and moving story, but only one of us could see what Ishiguro’s aim was in writing the book! The rest of us were surprised that the Sci-Fi element of the book was just a convenient handle on which to hang a story about love, friendship and mortality.  Still we all enjoyed the book and had a good evening discussing it.

We’re now all looking forward to the events planned for the rest of the year, starting with Andrew Copson’s talk at the end of January.