Ethical Eating

Predicting how popular our talks will be is often difficult.  For a well known speaker we can confidently expect a good number of people to come along, but for our other talks we rely heavily on the topic to generate interest.  Ben, one of our committee members and previously Chair of Plymouth Humanists from 2011 to 2015, chose his subject well for April’s talk, packing the B-Bar to capacity with 60 people. 

Ben is passionate about the ethics of what we consume, which has led him, amongst other things, to become a vegan.  His talk focused on the augments for giving up meat eating, showing how much there is to be gained and how little, apart from some selfish pleasure, lost.  But he also addressed how harmful the practices of certain multinationals are, and how boycotts of their products can be an effective way of showing them their behaviours is not acceptable and needs to change.  There was also time for a short look at schemes like Fairtrade, which aim to bring an ethical approach to wider consumption.

Clearly this is an area of great interest to people in Plymouth and we will have to see if we can find more speakers on related topics.