Defence Humanists

With Remembrance Day approaching and the recent launch of the Defence Humanists Network, we had a very timely talk in October from Matt Hicks, a Petty Officer Naval Nurse in the Royal Navy, about Humanism in the Armed Forces.

Matt started by giving us some of his own background, describing how he moved from evangelical Christianity to Humanism.  He then went on to talk about the challenges facing those without religion in an environment where Christianity is seen by some as integral to the ethos of the Forces. The Defence Humanists Network has replaced the UK Armed Forces Humanist Association, and with that change of name has come a fresh approach  towards ensuring Humanists are more fairly represented. Matt explained this change, as well as talking about its successes so far.

For the post talk Q&A Matt was joined by Russ Holt, another member of the Royal Navy, who was able to draw on his own experiences to give the audience of around 20 people more insight into the difficulties faced by those without religion in the Navy