In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

Plymouth's Housing Crisis

Our final talk before our regular summer break was from Jack Spooner from Shelter.

My Death, My Decision?

The availability of Assisted Dying for those approaching the end of life or in unrelenting suffering is a particular concern for humanists, and one of Humanists UK’s principle campaigning areas. Phil Cheatle, the Lead Campaign Commentator of the campaign group "My Death, My Decision" came to speak to us in April about the current state of the campaign to legalise it.

Social Events

We continue with our monthly social events, enjoying a games night at Twist, the Games Café, in March and a Sunday Brunch at Boston Tea Party in April.  More events, including a history walk, museum visit and a trip to a nature reserve, are planned.


Extinction Rebellion

Despite an ever-increasing understanding of just how serious a threat climate change poses to humanity, we are still falling far short of taking the necessary action to eliminate our emissions of greenhouse gasses. Plymouth Extinction Rebellion came to talk to us in March about the current state of the climate emergency, and what we, as ordinary citizens, can do to get society to act with more urgency.

The Colonist and the Kiwikiu: How wildlife conservation is shaped by colonialism and the patriarchy

We were fortunate to have Rebecca Nesbit, author of the recently published ‘Tickets for the Ark’ ( speak to us in February about the ethical dilemmas that underly our efforts to preserve the natural world.