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  1. Resources used to teach the new statutory relationships and sex education curriculum must be ‘evidence-based’ and feature ‘robust facts and statistics’, according to new Government guidance published today. The guidance, which is designed to help school leaders and teachers prepare to teach the new curriculum that came into force on 1 September, says resources used […]
  2. Humanists UK and Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) have welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement that it will change the draft Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, so that prosecutors must prove ‘intention’ before they can convict someone of inciting hatred. The announcement follows after HSS led a coalition of over 20 leading individuals and organisations […]
  3. The Government has today announced that it will not be changing the process by which an individual can legally change their gender, with existing requirements to stay in place. LGBT Humanists, which supports reform of the Gender Recognition Act to ease the lives of trans people, has expressed disappointment at the decision. In 2018 the […]
  4. The plight of Nigerian Humanist Association President Mubarak Bala, who has now been held for five months without charge for alleged blasphemy, was raised in the UK Parliament today by the Labour front bench, with the UK Government concurring with the opposition about the severity of the case, and committing to do everything possible to […]
  5. Humanists UK and British Muslims for Secular Democracy have made a joint intervention today at the UN Human Rights Council, in which they have spoken out against the Chinese persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang Province, and asked if the reports of mass imprisonment and horrendous human rights abuses meet the legal definition of genocide. […]