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  1. In connection with Dying Matters Awareness Week, Humanists UK has launched My Mortality, a collection of 50 personal reflections on death and dying from a diverse range of humanists. Dying Matters Awareness Week (10-16 May) provides an opportunity to consider the way we approach and think about death and opens up conversations about dying and […]
  2. Northern Ireland Humanists has expressed alarm about a new Catholic RSE resource describing sex and puberty as ‘a gift from God’ and claiming puberty shows ‘we are perfectly designed by God to procreate with him’. The resource, called Flourish, was developed by the Irish Bishops Conference for Catholic primary schools and is designed for children […]
  3. Humanists UK has criticised proposals that would severely curtail judicial review – a process that allows citizens to legally challenge government decisions –  in response to a consultation by the Ministry of Justice. In its submission, Humanists UK stated that the Government’s plans to carve out vast areas of decision-making from judicial scrutiny – which […]
  4. Cross-party messages from across the UK have been delivered to mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of Humanists UK. The leaders of the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, and of the Green Party of England and Wales, as well as the First Minister of Scotland and Lord Greenhalgh, the Minister responsible for UK Government relations […]
  5. Wales Humanists has published a table comparing the major parties’ policies on some of the most important issues to humanists – including inclusive education, religious discrimination in healthcare, and humanist marriages. It is also asking people to write to their candidates ahead of Thursday’s election, to make sure the voices of humanists are heard this […]