Medicines for pain and distress? How much is too much?

Date: Tuesday, 26 June 2018 19:30

Venue: The B-Bar, Barbican Theatre

In a year when more than 60 million scripts were issued in England, Johann Hari was ridiculed by ‘skeptics' for suggesting antidepressants are not very effective, and a Lancet paper is hailed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a definitive answer the question of whether antidepressants ‘work’, who is right? What other central nervous system facing drugs are on the rise and potentially dangerous? What does evidence based prescribing for the population and individual look like? What lies beyond the evidence in trials? How can we optimise the system? Do we need a wider public debate?
We're very pleased to have Richard Byng, Plymouth GP and Professor at Plymouth University, talking to us about this important and topical issue for our June event.
This is a Plymouth Skeptics in the Pub talk, in conjunction with Plymouth Humanists.  It's free and all are welcome, although we do ask for a voluntary contribution to help cover speakers' costs



Castle St, Plymouth PL1 2NJ, UK



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