In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

Book Club – Feb ‘15

A book about what happens to its protagonist after he dies, and how he meets people from his past, all dead themselves, in heaven may not seem good material for Humanists to discuss. 

From Jesus & Mo to Charlie Hebdo: Being a secularist in the face of the religious far-right

Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, freedom of speak and the right to offend have been the subject of much debate in recent weeks.  But battles over freedom of speech have not just been fought violently in the street of Paris in recent years.  British Universities have seen some significant, though fortunately non-violent, conflicts of their own in recent years.  

Plymouth Humanists defend freedom of speech

Ben, Plymouth Humanists Chair, was asked for some comments on freedom of speech for an article about the Plymouth Centre For Faiths and Cultural Diversity in the Herald.  He was able to make some very effective points about how important this freedom is, even if offense is sometimes caused.  You can find the piece here.

Christmas Social 2014

Our joint Christmas Social with Plymouth Skeptics in the Pub was held at the Fortescue Pub on the 12th December. 

Conservation Walk November 14

Just a couple of members were on hand for the final conservation walk of 2014.