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Response received from Plymouth City Council to concerns over Andrew Wommack’s views on gay people.

This is the response from the council:

Controversial preacher at GOD TV event – Plymouth Humanists express concern

Texan evangelical preacher Andrew Wommack, who has repeatedly made homophobic statements, will be appearing at GOD TV’s Summer Celebration in Plymouth this May.  Plymouth City Council have hired out the Guildhall to host the event.

AronRa - Religious Culture

We were very fortunate to have AronRa, Texas State Director of American Atheists and well known atheist vlogger talking to us in April.

Book Club - April '15

With AronRa coming to talk to us later in April, a book presenting the arguments for evolution seemed like an obvious choice for this month’s book club.

Consevation Walk April 15

Regulars Joe and Tim were joined by newcomers Nick and Anna for our first conservation walk of 2015.