In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

Fawcett Plymouth

The Fawcett Society has been campaigning for gender equality for over 150 years.  Yet as Rhea Brooke demonstrated at the start of her talk in July, many inequalities remain between men and women, and their effects harm members of both genders. 

AGM 2015 and World Humanist Day Picnic

Our AGM for 2015 was held on the 27th June at Devonport Guildhall

Is science an alternative belief system for the nonreligious?

Dr Alan Scarlett chose a provocative title for his talk to us in June. But he had a very serious point to make. 

Conservation Walk June '15

Book Club - June '15

We commemorated Terry Pratchett's life in June by reading ‘Good Omens’, which he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman, for our book club.