In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

Conservation Walk April '16

A dreadful weather forecast put off all but Joe and Tim from this month’s conservation walk, but in the end the rain held off, even if it was a bit breezy. 

Secrets Revealed: Messages from WWII PoWs

Professor David McMullan from Plymouth University came to talk to us in March to tell us how an appeal for help from the family of a serviceman who spent most of WWII in a POW camp led him on a fascinating investigation into the little known secret codes used by British and American prisoners of war to communicate with the Intelligence Services. 

Book Club – March ‘16

After our talk in February about leaving a religion, our book club covered the same topic – in this case Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s biography ‘Infidel: My life’. It was a welcome opportunity to further discuss experiences of how losing your faith can impact on your relations with your family and wider community.

Breaking free from a religious cult

At our February meeting five former members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses spoke about life in that cult, and their experiences in breaking away. Many people know the church through their doorstep evangelism, and because of regular court cases stemming from their rejection of blood transfusion but few will know what life is like for those brought up in that faith.

Conservation Walk February '16

We made an early start to this year’s conservation walks in the hope of picking up a lot of the rubbish that's hidden by the vegetation most of the rest of the year.