In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

June Conservation Walk

We collected a massive 40kg of rubbish during June’s conservation walk!  This included material from the strandline, but it all help keep the reserve looking a bit more like the unspoilt haven it should be.

Jo Hulin – Oxfam

Our May 2013 talk was by Joanna Hulin, Oxfam Community Fundraising Manager for Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.  As well as describing the important work Oxfam carries out all over the world, she also highlighted how urgent help was needed to cope with the effects of the Syrian civil war.

May Conservation Walk

Lugging around 23kg of assorted junk was an effort, but it was the astonishing display of Bluebells and Wild Garlic that really took our breath away.

Warleigh Point Bluebells

Quantum Mechanics

One of our own members, Dr Martin Lavelle, Associate Professor (Reader), School of Computing and Mathematics, gave us an introductory talk about quantum mechanics at our main meeting in April. He started by discussing both the personalities and discoveries that led to the formulation of the theories that describe the behaviour of matter at the quantum level, and then described, at a high level, what that behaviour looks like.  It was a fascinating talk that fully illustrated the weirdness of the quantum world.

Science of the Discworld - Professor Jack Cohen

The Science of Discworld is a trilogy of popular science books written by Terry Pratchett in collaboration with mathematician Ian Stewart (not Iain Stewart) and biologist Jack Cohen.  Each book combines a Discworld-based story by Pratchett interwoven with chapters on real world science by Stewart and Cohen.  In this highly entertaining presentation, Professor Cohen showed us how to view the science underpinning our world (‘Roundworld’) from a completely different perspective.