In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

Book Club - Sophie's World

Sophie's World is a best-selling novel written by Jostein Gaarder, aimed at introducing young adults to the ideas of the great philosophers.  It’s not a short book, so only one of us had managed to finish the whole thing by the time we met to discuss it!  That didn’t stop us having an interesting debate about the ideas raised in it, and how effective it is a an introduction to philosophy.

ACE Education! Accelerated Christian Education in British Schools - Jonny Scaramanga

Jonny Scaramanga attended a fundamentalist Christian school in the '90s, and is now working on a PhD examining student experiences in Britain's 50 Accelerated Christian Education schools.  He came to talk to us in November about what students learn in these schools today, and what we should do when the parent's right to freedom of religion conflicts with the child's right to a sound education.

Plymouth Humanists' Supported Charity 2013

This year’s modest charity donation will be going to the Samaritans (via the Plymouth Branch).  The money raised is essentially surplus from the Christmas Social, but next year we hope to find other fund raising opportunities.  The choice was made by asking for suggestions on Facebook and other conversations and meetings.  Next year’s charity will be decided in the next month or so, but we are leaning towards something to do with the refugees in the city.  If you have any other thoughts please let us know.

November Conservation Walk

After all the rain and storms of recent days, it was good to have a fine and still November morning for our litter picking. 

Plymouth Refugees

Our October 2013 talk was from Rupert Blomfield, manager of the British Red Cross International Family tracking service and refugee support services in the South West.  Rupert has worked for over a decade with asylum seekers, refugees, migrant workers and vulnerable workers in Plymouth.