In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

April Book Club – The White Tiger

We discussed Aravind Adiga’s debut novel “The White Tiger” for April’s Book Club.  It’s the tale of how the novel’s protagonist, Balram Halwai, makes his way from poverty in ‘The Darkness” – rural India, with all its injustice and corruption – to life as an entrepreneur in Bangalore.  To achieve his success, Balram has, to put it mildly, act in ethically dubious ways.  Yet despite that he seems to retain a hint of humanity   We had an good discussion about his motivations and if his actions could be in any way justified.

Darwin Day Meal 2014

We returned to Veggie Perrin's for our 2014 Darwin Day meal.  Like last year, we had a really good turnout, and everyone enjoyed the meal, company and conversation.

Book Club – Flowers for Algernon

Only a small turnout for February’s book club, but we still had good discussion about Daniel Keyes’ sci-fi novel.  Although written in the 1960’s, the book has not dated at all and raises some fascinating themes on the nature and benefits of intelligence, and the ethics of medical experimentation.

January talk - ‘Give a Kidney’

I’m sure many of us carry organ donor cards.  But donating a kidney when you’re still alive is another matter entirely.  Nevertheless, some brave people do give one of their kidneys to close family or even friends in need of a donation.  How many of us would take the next step, though, and give a kidney to a complete stranger, someone we would probably never even meet?

January Conservation Walk

The weather has always been kind to us on our conservation walks, and January’s second Sunday was no different, the rain holding off for long enough to allow three hardy volunteers to complete a circuit of Warleigh Point.  As you might expect at this time of year there was little rubbish to be found, but careful searching of the undergrowth turned up half a bag of long discarded cans and bottles, more visible now the leaves have fallen.