In this blog you'll find details of our past events, as well as other information about what Plymouth Humanists get up to

Apes like us, Confessions of a Primatologist

Just how similar are we to the Great Apes? That was the question addressed by Volker Sommer, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at UCL, who travelled all the way down from London to speak to us.

Conservation Walk May 14

We caught the end of a magnificent display of Bluebells on May’s Warleigh Point conservation walk, as well as enjoying many other late spring flowers. 

South West Regional Conference 2014

Saturday 10th May 2014 saw the first South West Regional Conference for Humanists and allied groups. 

Supported Charity 2014

We were pleased  to send a cheque for £100 to Plymouth Samaritans earlier this year, and have now selected the Plymouth Red Cross Destitution Fund to support in 2014

An open letter to Gary Streeter MP

In response to local MP Gary Streeters' comments suggesting that it is Christians who do most to help the poor and disadvantaged, Plymouth Humanists have issued this open letter to him: