January talk - ‘Give a Kidney’

I’m sure many of us carry organ donor cards.  But donating a kidney when you’re still alive is another matter entirely.  Nevertheless, some brave people do give one of their kidneys to close family or even friends in need of a donation.  How many of us would take the next step, though, and give a kidney to a complete stranger, someone we would probably never even meet?

‘Give a Kidney’ is a small charity that promotes altruistic living kidney donation.  Dave Hemmings, a member of the charity, came to talk to us in January about the importance of kidney donation and to explain why this form of donation can be so enormously beneficial to people who have suffered kidney failure.  As a donor himself he was able to give a personal perspective on the process, and assured us that, once recovered from the operation, donors suffer no lasting effects, as one kidney is enough to keep you healthy.  Indeed, because donors undergo such thorough checks by the NHS both before and after donation, they turn out to be longer lived than average!  Dave bought another donor, Viv, to show how growing numbers of people are willing to show such generosity in order that others can live a normal life again.