Sanderson Jones and the ‘Sunday Assembly’

Sanderson Jones, co-founder of the ‘The Sunday Assembly’ joined us in September to talk about ‘Atheist Churches’

A front page story on the local newspaper (engineered by Ben, our chair) ensured a good turnout of around forty people, almost filling the function area of Henry J’s.  Sanderson made it clear that, while he was happy with the tern ‘Atheist Church’ as a way of generating publicity, that’s not what the Sunday Assembly was about.  Instead it was a way for anyone to ‘Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More’. 

Not everyone in the audience was convinced, at least at the start.  For many anything like a church service was anathema.  But he won round many of his critics, and for some the idea of the Assembly was very attractive.  By the end of the evening there were enough people interested that a group formed to see if creating a Plymouth Sunday Assembly was a possibility.