Response received from Plymouth City Council to concerns over Andrew Wommack’s views on gay people.

This is the response from the council:

Dear Mr Kerr,

Further to our telephone conversation earlier this week I am writing to advise you of our position in relation to the above. As you know we take concerns such as those you have raised very seriously because we have a strong commitment to equality - which includes equality amongst our LGBT communities - and a clear stance against any form of hate crime.

Given this, we have liaised with the organisers of this event to seek assurances that these standards will be upheld during their event. We have now received verbal and written assurances that the views in question do not reflect their own and they have no intention of covering such topics at the event. Further they have told us that and will ensure full compliance with our equalities policy.

Whilst I appreciate you may still have concerns, I trust you will accept that we have reached a reasonable position and we have reiterated our strong commitment to equality and against homophobia.

Bronwyn Prosser
Social Inclusion Manager
Learning and Communities
Plymouth City Council
Ballard House, West Hoe Road