Controversial preacher at GOD TV event – Plymouth Humanists express concern

Texan evangelical preacher Andrew Wommack, who has repeatedly made homophobic statements, will be appearing at GOD TV’s Summer Celebration in Plymouth this May.  Plymouth City Council have hired out the Guildhall to host the event.

Wommack has made many provocative claims about gay people, for instance referring to gay relationships as an “abomination to any godly person”, saying gay people “aren’t moral people who want committed relationships”, that “the majority of homosexuals are not ‘normal’ by any measurement but their own” and “their lifestyle is not only destructive to themselves but also to society.” (see and the link below)

Plymouth Humanists have expressed their concern at his presence at such a major event in the city. His attitude to gay people threatens to undermine the good work that is going on in Plymouth to counter homophobic attitudes and ensure a safe environment for all members of our community, regardless of their sexuality.  We have also asked Plymouth City Council to reconsider allowing Wommack to speak on council property as his presence runs counter to their Equality and Diversity Policy commitment to oppose homophobia.

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