AronRa - Religious Culture

We were very fortunate to have AronRa, Texas State Director of American Atheists and well known atheist vlogger talking to us in April.

Aron was touring the UK, and kindly accepted an offer by one of our members to visit Plymouth.  Having such a popularity speaker ensured a good turnout – over fifty people filled the B-Bar to hear him, some travelling for two hours to attend.

His talk was on the subject of 'Religious Culture', looking at how people’s religious affiliation is rarely the result of careful examination the tenets of whatever faith they profess.  Instead it’s usually a reflection of the culture they grew up in, or sometimes a choice based on emotion or personal circumstance, such as wanting to share the religion of a partner. Aron had a wealth of anecdotes showing how poorly, if at all, people understand event the basic principles of their faith and sometimes struggle even to understand that what they believe is actually a religion.

That talk was followed by extensive questions and answers session covering a wide range of issues about the unwarranted influence of religion in society and how it can be countered