Lifting The Lid: Ongoing adventures in the world of pseudoscience.

Michael Marshal travelled all the way from Liverpool this to give us this month’s talk. 

Michael is the Vice President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and Project Director of the Good Thinking Society.  His talk focused on the dangers of pseudoscience and his efforts, with Merseyside Skeptics Society, to counteract the harm it does.  We had a parade of all the usual suspects – psychics, homeopathy, quack medicine and so on.  But what was particularly interesting about Michael’s talk was to hear how effective the actions he has been involved in against various forms of pseudoscience have been.  In particular he talked about the 10:23 campaign, which generated international publicity exposing the complete ineffectiveness of homeopathy.

Michael was a very engaging speaker.  Skeptics are sometimes accused of merely wanting to demonstrate their intellectual superiority over others.  But Michael clearly cares about the harm pseudoscience does, while still understanding why some people believe so passionately in its benefits (though he was not so kind towards certain individuals who cynically exploit people’s credulity for their own ends!)