The Young Atheist’s Handbook for Schools initiative

Plymouth Humanists are welcoming the news that every secondary school in England and Wales is being sent a copy of “The Young Atheist’s Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life without God” today, as part of a national initiative led by the British Humanist Association.

Funded entirely from donations by thousands of people from all around the country, the initiative is part of the BHA’s work to ensure that young people have access to resources that enable them to come to their own decisions about their values and beliefs. The book was written by science teacher Alom Shaha and tells the story of his upbringing in a Bangladeshi Muslim community in South East London, how he overcame his inner conflict surrounding his atheism, and the lessons he learnt in leading a good life, full of awe and wonder, based on humanist principles.  Read more about this great news here