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  1. Independent faith schools are struggling to meet Ofsted standards with 40% receiving ratings of ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’, according to new Ofsted findings. In its latest report, the schools watchdog Ofsted said independent faith schools ‘have considerably weaker inspection outcomes’ than those without a religious character. Ofsted found 40% of non-association independent faith schools – […]
  2. Hackney Council has said ‘no real progress’ has been made on the issue of so-called illegal schools in the borough despite the launch of an Unregistered Educational Settings (UES) strategy over two years ago. The Council blamed the lack of any laws to allow them to close the schools, and its statement came as Ofsted […]
  3. Dr Ruth Wareham is Humanists UK’s Education Campaigns Manager, leading our national campaign for an open, inclusive education for all. We spoke to Ruth about state-funded faith schools, and the segregation, division, and discrimination they engender. The campaign points out that faith schools are responsible for promoting social division and disadvantaging poorer families. But how […]
  4. On Saturday, blasphemy ceased to be a criminal offence in the Republic of Ireland. Humanists UK welcomed the new legislation repealing the law finally coming into effect and urged the governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland to now do likewise and repeal their countries’ blasphemy laws. The new law in Ireland follows 65% of the […]
  5. The Welsh Government has today announced the outcome of its consultation on religious education (RE) and relationships and sexuality education (RSE). In summary: The right to withdraw from RE is to be scrapped, including in faith schools. Wales Humanists believes this change will lead to pupils being indoctrinated against their or their parents’ wishes and […]