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  1. Humanists UK has launched a new petition which asks the procedure committees of the Houses of Parliament to review the discriminatory and outdated ‘prayer card’ and parliamentary prayers procedures in Parliament, which give preference to Christian MPs and peers for seats and speaking opportunities in Parliament. In the House of Commons, there are only 427 […]
  2. Humanists UK is delighted to announce the appointment of its newest patron, Ralf Little. Little is a well-loved British actor who joins a stable of over 170 Humanists UK patrons with distinguished careers in the arts, literature, science, academia, politics, and community and civic activism. Ralf Little is best known for his roles as Anthony […]
  3. Humanists UK Head of Ceremonies Isabel Russo had the privilege of taking the humanist funeral of Terry Jones, the much-loved comic writer and actor who became famous for his work with Monty Python. Here she writes about the experience of constructing the perfect farewell for someone who meant so much to so many. Terry Jones […]
  4. Humanists UK has today welcomed the Department for Education’s announcement that it will launch a new consultation to act on unregistered schools, but urged the Government to immediately bring forward legislation to give Ofsted the legal powers it needs to shut down any schools operating illegally. The DfE says it will pour £400,000 into investigating […]
  5. Final approval has been granted to the opening of a new state-funded Catholic school in Peterborough that can legally select 100% of its pupils on religious grounds despite strong local opposition from parents and the community. The approval came last night and the school will be the most religiously selective state school to be approved […]