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  1. Humanist marriages are on the rise in Scotland, with new official figures showing 6,117 humanist marriages (22% of total marriages) took place in Scotland in 2018, up from 5,702 marriages (20%) in the previous year. Humanists UK has welcomed these latest statistics, which show that more couples are choosing to have a humanist marriage, reflecting […]
  2. Parents believe religious worship is the least appropriate activity for school assemblies, ranking it last among 13 possible topics or activities, according to a new poll released today. Humanists UK, which last week announced it is backing Lee and Lizanne Harris who are taking a legal challenge over their children’s school assemblies, says the poll […]
  3. Humanists UK has won a proposed legal challenge against a London council that rejected a humanist representative’s application to join the council’s religious education (RE) body, in a decision likely to pave the way for more humanists to sit on such bodies across England. Humanist Rachel Taggart-Ryan applied for full membership to Greenwich Council’s Standing […]
  4. Humanists UK has been shortlisted in two categories in this year’s Third Sector Awards, it was announced today. Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts has been nominated to win the prestigious ‘Charity Champion of the Year’ award in recognition of her work to raise the profile of humanism and Humanists UK’s work for a fairer, […]
  5. An anti-slavery blogger, Cheikh Ould Mohamed M’kheitir, who was sentenced to death for apostasy in 2014, has been released from incarceration and has left Mauriatania where his life would continue to be at risk from religious figures who have called for his execution.  Humanists UK called for M’kheitir’s release in an intervention at the United […]