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Think for yourself, act for everyone
  1. Humanists UK has been invited to participate in the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Westminster for the first time, following many years of campaigning effort. Humanists UK and its armed forces section Defence Humanists will be represented at the ceremony by Chief Executive Andrew Copson. They have today welcomed the move towards […]
  2. Humanists UK has been working with the Home Office this year to introduce new training for all asylum assessors on claims related to freedom of religion or belief. The new day-long training, which will be the first specific training on the matter, will be rolled out early next year. The new training fulfils a key […]
  3. Downing Street is reportedly to approve plans to fortify flour with folic acid within weeks to prevent hundreds of babies each year from being born with birth defects. The report has been welcomed by Humanists UK as a health measure that will lead to fewer serious or fatal foetal abnormalities and so improve the lives […]
  4. Update, 2 pm: Gulalai has now been released on bail, but her passport has not been returned to her, and she is still unable to leave Pakistan because she is on an ‘exit control list’. Humanists UK is now focused on ensuring she is not prosecuted for any crime and regains the right to travel. […]
  5. A coalition of leading UK academics has called for an end to collective worship in English state schools, arguing that all children need to be given the freedom to make up their own minds on the merits of particular religious beliefs. Authors of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain’s new pamphlet, How to […]