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  1. Humanists UK is to intervene in a human rights case about a mother procuring abortion pills for her daughter, due to be heard in Northern Ireland this week. The case, known as JR76, focuses on the decision to prosecute the mother after she supplied the pills to her daughter: the teenager became pregnant despite being […]
  2. The Liberal Democrats have passed a motion at the party’s autumn conference in Brighton to support the removal of consensual abortion from criminal law, and instead have it governed through medical regulation like all other healthcare procedures. This would mean that women in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who procure an abortion outside of the […]
  3. Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, the Minister for Faith, has called for more religious leaders to appointed to the House of Lords. The suggestion, which was made to The Times, was in response to a question about the ongoing place of Church of England bishops in the second chamber. Instead, Humanists UK has called for the […]
  4. A new report published today by the Sutton Trust has found that 30% of English parents know someone who has ‘Attended church/religious services’ when they otherwise wouldn’t ‘so that their child(ren) could enter a church/religious school’. This was more than any other factor that was surveyed, including private tutoring, moving house, or using a relative’s […]
  5. The UK Government has decided not to introduce new legislation to specifically tackle anti-choice protesters harassing women outside abortion clinics in England and Wales. The decision, announced in a written ministerial statement delivered by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, was taken because it has concluded that existing legislation can be sufficient to tackle such harassment, and […]