As well as our own events, which you can find under the Events tab above, you may be interested in some of the following:

Tuesday 5th May at 19:30: Plymouth Scibar - " Synthetic Biology" at the B-Bar on the Barbican.  Event open to all and free of charge. No need to book.

Friday 8th May at 19:30: Plymouth Astronomical Society - "What's so anomalous about anomalous x-ray pulsars". Note there is a £2 charge for non-members.

Thursday 21st May at 18:15: Plymouth Psychology in the Pub - "From mirror neurons to conformity and back again: how imitation connects us with other people".  This event is free, no need to book.

Thursday 28th May at 18:45: Plymouth and District Archaeological Society - "Plymouth's Tudor Wreck". This event is free, but you need to book.